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Under the direction of Lauren Larsen, our staff of talented engineers and mechanics, have been servicing loyal clientele since 1966. We have labored diligently to earn the confidence of our patrons.

Decades of trouble-shooting experience in virtually every industry sector has given Power Cooling a unique perspective. The Power Cooling service team provides unmatched expertise to get the job done- and at an economical cost to you. 


Our relationships with our customers and subcontractors are built on mutual trust, respect and a confidence in our high standards of doing business. 

We pride ourselves on our ability to service any equipment, any time, any place. Power Cooling has been designing, building, and installing systems for virtually every type of facility. 
Environmentally Conscious 
Recovery and storage systems are just a part of Power Cooling's dedication to protecting the environment. We work our hardest to protect you as well as the planet.
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