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Power Cooling has three service groups (Absorption, Centrifugal, and Reciprocating) that make up the core of the company. Alongside the service group, we have a team of degreed mechanical engineers that are qualified for new installations and replacement of pre-existing installations. Reliance Machining has a fully functioning Machine Shop on our premises willing to manufacture or alter any and all components. 

  • Engineering-Overhauling-Repairing-Maintenance

  • Inspection and Trouble Shooting

  • Supervision of Repair, Overhaul and Installation

  • Labor for Repairs, Overhaul and Installation

  • Tube Cleaning 

  • Solution Pump Repair & Replacement/ Modification

  • Lithium Bromide Analysis

  • Custom Service Contract Alternatives 

Engineering Installations
  • Inspection and Troubleshooting 

  • Supervision of repairs, overhaul, and installation 

  • Complete Disassembly- Overhaul and Repair

  • Rebuilding Bearings, Repairs to Steel and Aluminum Impellers

  • Chroming and Grinding Bearing Journals 

  • Fabrication or Repair of Labyrinth Seals, Dynamic Balancing of Rotors

  • Modification to Improve Efficiency 

  • Retubing and Piping

  • Controls

  • Purge Repair or Replacement

  • Insurance Company Inspections

  • Design and build 

  • Plan and Spec. 

  • Major or minor refittings

  • Project management

  • Budget Friendly Pricing

  • OSHA Certified

  • Extensive technical expertise for industrial, institutional, and commercial buildings

  • Troubleshoot issues 

  • Retrofitting

  • Computer Rooms

  • Rooftop Equipment

  • Split Systems

  • SCAV Units

  • Water-Cooled Applications 

  • Air-Cooled Applications 

  • Retrofitting and Design Modifications 

  • Terminal Equipment, Fan Coils, Induction Units

  • Scheduled Preventive Maintenance 

  • Custom Service Contract Alternatives 

  • Steam Turbine Overhaul, Wheel Repair and Reblading

  • Parts Manufacture and Duplication 

  • Pump Overhaul and Installation

  • Fan Shaft Repair and Fabrication

  • Metalizing Shafts and Machine Parts

  • Steam and Water Valve Repair & Replacement

  • Dynamic Balancing & Vibration Analysis

  • Magnafluxing

  • Welding and Brazing

  • Centrifugal Rebabbiting of Sleeve Berrings

  • Fan and Gear Box Repair

  • Inspection and Trouble Shooting

  • Blast Cleaning of All Parts

  • Polishing/ Grinding

  • Chrome Plating/Spray Welding

  • Impeller Hub Repair/ Shaft Straightening and Cutting

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